Making Insights Actionable

Have you experienced a research interview, felt enlightened, felt empowered, only to return to your work unsure of how to connect the dots? Everyone leaves behind a pile of notes, someone says I’ll type these up, and share with the group, and nothing seems to happen.

You had a well defined learning goal. What goes wrong? 

In most cases the notes, valuable insights, small bitcoins of knowledge, have no context and structure unless we create it. So while having that well defined learning goal is important, it’s not enough.

After defining your learning goals, create a structure for grouping notes that helps you see patterns in those bits of information.

Here’s an example for conducting basic generative research:


It not only important to group notes into this grid (some call this “coding” your notes), it’s important that observers understand the grouping structure before the sessions begin. That way your team knows what to watch for and capture.

After the several sessions, patterns will start to emerge from the groups. From these patterns you can decide to take action or move some items to a backlog.

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